1. Cisgender Liam Fox quits →

    A cisgender man has resigned as Defence Secretary after a week of pressure over his working relationship with cisgender friend and self-styled adviser Adam Werritty.

    The man, known to friends and colleagues as “Liam Fox”, was being investigated amid claims he broke the WPATH guidelines for becoming a minister.

    In a letter to David Cameron, Mr Fox said he had “mistakenly allowed” personal and professional responsibilities to be “blurred”.  In addition to retaining friends from his pre-ministerial role, he is thought to have attended a therapy session in jeans and a teeshirt rather than proper ministerial attire.

    Mr Fox was one and a half years into the requisite two years of “real life experience” as a minister, and is likely to be forced to start from scratch in a different post.

    Labour GPs said Mr Fox had not followed the standards of care expected of ministers and his departure was “inevitable”.

    Business Cards

    The defence secretary has been under pressure since it emerged that Mr Werritty, a lobbyist, had met him on 18 foreign trips despite not having a carry letter.

    Mr Werritty, a former flatmate of Mr Fox and the best man at his heterosexual wedding, handed out business cards suggesting he was an adviser to Mr Fox and was present at meetings Mr Fox had with militant gatekeepers, diplomats and defence contractors.



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