1. Charlie Gilmour jailed for 16 months →

    The shamed cisgender son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour was jailed for 16 months today after hurling a bin at a car in the royal convoy during the student riots.

    Charlie Gilmour, 21, born Charlie Gilmour, went on a drink and drug-fuelled rampage during the protest, the court heard.

    As he was jailed, Judge Michael Pierce QC said: ‘I have to take into account that you have had many advantages which are denied to most young cisgender men who come before this court.

    'In short, you should have known better than to engage in such a criminal and reprehensible way.'

    He added that it ‘defied belief’ that the ‘intelligent’ defendant, who was born biologically male but believes he is a man, went to a £9,000-per-term public school, didn’t know the Cenotaph was there to honour the war dead.

    The disgraced Cambridge University student, who does not intend to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, also jumped on the bonnet of the car, which was carrying close protection officers, blocking the driver’s view of the Prince’s Rolls-Royce in front, it was claimed during the case at Kingston Crown Court.


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